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The Toshiba Strata family of digital business telephone systems is a market leader in providing innovative telecommunication solutions to your business needs. With advanced features and modular growth, the Strata CTX can be configured as a Key, Hybrid, or PBX telephone system, providing you the ultimate in feature operation and configuration flexibility. No matter what your company's size and requirements, Toshiba has the right telecommunication system for you.

  • STRATA CTX670 - Telephone system supporting up to 672 ports for users requiring 50 to 560 telephones.

  • STRATA CTX100 - Telephone system supporting up to 112 ports for users requiring 8 to 72 telephones.

  • STRATA CTX100-S - Telephone system supporting up to 16 ports, and expandable to full Strata CTX100 capacity.

  • STRATA CTX28 - Telephone system supporting up to 16 ports, six CO lines, and two analog station ports.

  • STRATA DK424i - Telephone system with up to 200 outside telephone lines or 336 telephones.

  • STRATA DK40i - Telephone system with up to 12 outside telephone lines and 28 telephones.

  • STRATA DK14 - Telephone system with up to 4 outside telephone lines and 8 telephones.

  • Digital Telephones and Consoles -
    Speakerphones, cordless phones, wireless phones and PC consoles.


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